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This unit has become more in the practical market where all costs involved.

With 03 independent fluid pumps connected to an air motor, the two-component or three-component paints can be mixed precisely with fixed mixing ratio. The mixing ratio can be changed in a few minutes by changing the hardener pump or base ones.

It is suitable for very high production like: shipyards, oil rig building, pipe lines and steel structure industries. The life-time and performance of the pumps are in proven practice with less spare parts and services.

A lot of costs could be saved like manpower, paints, delivery time, enviroment. 

Also, there are many Low Pressure Duomix and Fleximix series for furnitures and steel assembly manufacturers.

Duomix_1 Fleximix_2 professional_2 fleximix_4
           Duomix                           Fleximix                      Shipyard                           Oil rig                 


This Fleximix version can mix the two-component paints with variable mixing ratio by two independent pumps. It is very precise and especialized for shipyards, pipe lines, oil refinery industries and furniture too.

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