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QNix 4200/4500

This seri is equiped with built-in probe.

Model QNix 4200 is used for Fe substrate only. QNix 4500 can be used for both Fe and NFe.

4200-4500_1 QNix-4500_3 QNix-4500_4
Substrate                                 Fe:                                      NFe:                           
Method of measurement Magnetic - Flux/ Hall Effect            

Eddy current               (QNix 4500 only)

Probe built-in built-in
Measurement ragne Fe: 0 - 3000μm               NFe: 0 - 2000μm
                                            QNix 4500 only
Display in μm or mil yes  
Reading intervals 850ms  
Reading display μm and mm  
Accuracy ±(2μm + 3%* of reading)  
Working temp. 0 - 50ºC  
Storage temp. -10ºC - 60ºC  
Batteries  2 x 1,5 AA  
Dimensions 100 x 60 x 27  
Weight #105g  
Plastic case yes  
Zeroing plate yes